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SBI Group 2016 Exams.

Do you have promotion exams/interviews in Apr/May?

The syllabus is vast and demands studious and committed preparation for a long time.

The books are being sold out fast. Please order the books immediately.

Please do not postpone and avoid delay/hassles like “Out of stock”, last minute rush, postal delay, etc.


Please buy Banking Guide, Recollected Questions Compendium and subscribe for 1 year Banking Digest.

STP (PO/TO/JMG) (MMII Confirmation Exam):

Please buy Banking Guide, MM Special Guide, Recollected Questions Compendium and subscribe for 1 year Banking Digest.

Please order immediately.

  • Thoroughly revised and updated edition
  • Valuable book for all examinations;
  • Handy reference book at branches;
  • Price: Rs. 800/-.

Please see ‘Programs’ tab for dates of programmes.


Attention Young Bankers ! Become a member of IIBF. Pass the JAIIB /CAIIB exams early. It will help to face TO/STP-MMII exams. Our following books(Objective Questions Digests) have benefitted thousands of aspiring bankers.

  • Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking
  • Accounting & Finance for Bankers
  • Principles & Practices Of Banking
  • Companion Volume for JAIIB Guides

Books for Interviews:

The current edition of MM Special Guide has been thoroughly revised and revamped to make it additionally useful for facing interviews. Banking and Finance, Developments in the Economy and the Nation, SBI/RBI Annual Reports, etc. have been covered comprehensively. The Concept Brief section will provide good insight into topics of current interest for Interviews. MM Special Guide, read along with Banking Guide and Banking Digest issues will provide a strong base for interviews.

The current edition of MM Special Guide contains 50% additional material with 600+ pages and is priced at Rs. 450/-.

Important Notice

Prepare for your Bank PO and Bank clerk Exams


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