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             J.S. Institute of Banking and Finance was formally established in 1991 by Shri G. Subramanian (formerly of State Bank of India) to provide broad banking education to young bankers for career growth. The Institution conducts intensive class room programs for recruitment of clerks and POs in banks. Its main lines of activity are publication of banking books, conduct of intensive class-room programs, conduct of seminars, workshops on emerging topics of importance to bankers and conduct of in-house programs of banks/ institutions...

Good News for Scale III to IV and Scale IV to V (SBI) Officers.

As desired by a number of officers, an Interview Programme for 3 days will be held between 14-04-2018 and 16-04-2018.
Special focus will be on recent developments, corporate concerns.
Mock-interview sessions will be held on the last day.
Please email us immediately for registration.

Kind Attention TO/PO MMII Confirmation Exam, 2018
Banking Guide, MM Special Guide, Recollected Questions Compendium.
Books are being sold very fast.
Please order your books immediately and ensure your copy.

Kind Attention: Subscribers.
We find that a few subscribers have remitted amounts into our account for which emails have not been received. We are unable to despatch the books for them. Please send email immediately.

PO/TO 2017 Batch

  • Banking Guide will provide comprehensive yet synoptic view of the entire gamut of banking. SBI products, schemes, etc., covered.
  • Banking Digest will be a ready and updated source of information during the training period. It is a mirror to the evolving banking and finance scenario.
  • Please indicate your batch (PO/TO 2017) in your order for books/magazine so that we could send additional materials/tests which will be useful for Assessment Tests.

Attention: Please do not credit amounts to the Hulimavu account in the name of G. Subramanian. Please credit only Current Account # 32118249209 with SBI, JP Nagar Branch, Bangalore, in the name of JS Institute for immediate processing of the orders.

Good News for TO/MMII (Confirmation) Exams Aspirants.

Banking Guide (2018 Ed.)

  • Banking Guide 2018 Ed. despatch started. 
  • Presentation of topics aligned to recent pattern/types of questions.
  • Important information which are asked in the exams are given in bold letters. Will help to quickly revise important information.
  • Normally the books are sent by registered post to all the indentors. Please order your copy early so that you will get the book early.
MM Special Guide (2018 Ed).

The Institute’s publications are sold only directly by the Institute from its office in Bangalore.

Please do not buy any of our publications from other sources.

We find that a website has unauthorizedly uploaded MM Special Guide old edition. We do not have any connection with the website. Some bank aspirants have remitted money to the unauthorized website thinking that we are associated with it.

Our official website is www.jsinstitute.co.in and it carries the list of our publications and the procedure for ordering a publication.

Please order your copy now. 


Attention Young Bankers ! Become a member of IIBF. Pass the JAIIB /CAIIB exams early. It will help to face TO/MMII confirmation exams. Our following books(Objective Questions Digests) have benefitted thousands of aspiring bankers.

  • Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking
  • Accounting & Finance for Bankers
  • Principles & Practices Of Banking
The above objective questions digests are now available and have been sent to all indentors up to date.


  • Bank Financial Management
  • Advanced Bank Management
The two books above are under compilation with up to date information. Will be sent by 10 January 2018.

Books for Interviews:

The current edition of MM Special Guide has been thoroughly revised and revamped to make it additionally useful for facing interviews. Banking and Finance, Developments in the Economy and the Nation, SBI/RBI Annual Reports, etc. have been covered comprehensively. The Concept Brief section will provide good insight into topics of current interest for Interviews. MM Special Guide, read along with Banking Guide and Banking Digest issues will provide a strong base for interviews.

The current edition of MM Special Guide contains 50% additional material with 600+ pages and is priced at Rs. 450/-.

Important Notice

To order a publication:

a) Please credit the price of the publication to our Current Account # 32118249209 with SBI, JP Nagar Branch, Bangalore. b) Please send us an email stating your name, your address, your phone number, the date of credit, the amount credited, the debit account number, and the name of the publication.

All charges for credit should be borne by the purchasers. Please ensure that no charges are debited to our account. The charges, if any, will be recovered through VPP, which will be costlier for the purchaser.

While transferring funds from your account, please check the “No Fees” box.

To register for a course:

a) Please credit the fee to our Current Account as above. b) Please send us an email stating your name, your phone number, the amount credited, the date of credit, the debit account number and the course for which registration is sought.

All charges for the credit to our account should be borne by the applicant. Please ensure that no charges are debited to our account.

While transferring funds from your account, please check the “No Fees” box.


Banking Guide – New Edition: Dec 2017. Will be sent by 20 Dec 2017.

MM Special Guide – New Edition: Jan 2018.

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